Aqua Index: 1217           12/22/2016 22:30


Mr. Yaacov Shirazi, the founder of Aqua-Index, recognized the need and potential for a method of integrating the public trade of water into a global market, along with wheat, corn, coffee, sugar, and other commodities.

He has spent the past few years developing and perfecting such a method, which is now duly protected and patented. Making an investment in water has now become possible, using traditional financial instruments such as certificates, bonds, futures, etc.

Yaacov Shirazi, Founder, Chairman & CEO

Yomtob A. Sabah, Senior Strategic Consultant

Robert Gaffney, Aqua-Index Exchange CEO

Ronald Filler, Aqua-Index Public Director

Don Horwitz  Aqua-Index Exchange CRO

Linda Allen, Special Adviser and Risk Consultant

Paul Peterson, Economics and Business Consultant

Gerald L. Fishman, International Legal and Regulatory Officer

Ben Moskovits, Senior Business Development Officer

Dan Elias, Aqua-Index Business Consultant

Elon Bezalely, Chief Information Officer

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