Aqua Index: 1217           12/22/2016 22:30


Mr. Yaacov Shirazi, the founder of Aqua-Index, recognized the need and potential for a method of integrating the public trade of water into a global market, along with wheat, corn, coffee, sugar, and other commodities.

He has spent the past few years developing and perfecting such a method, which is now duly protected and patented. Making an investment in water has now become possible, using traditional financial instruments such as certificates, bonds, futures, etc.

Yaacov Shirazi, Founder, Chairman & CEO

Yomtob A. Sabah, Senior Strategic Consultant

Robert Gaffney, Aqua-Index Exchange CEO

Ronald Filler, Aqua-Index Public Director

Dan Elias, Aqua-Index Senior Business Development Officer

Nathaniel Jackson, Aqua-Index Business Advisor

Don Horwitz  Aqua-Index Exchange CRO

Gerald L. Fishman, International Legal and Regulatory Officer

Paul Peterson, Economics and Business Consultant

Elon Bezalely, Chief Information Officer

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