Aqua Index: 1217           12/22/2016 22:30



AQUA INDEX aims at turning water into a tradable commodity

Universal water pricing

Water prices vary from country to country and according to quality and type. A standard price for fresh water is needed. This can be achieved through the trading of water on international commodities exchanges. AQUA INDEX can extract an impartial price for water based on the transparent prices for agricultural and other commodities, already available on exchanges around the world. Thus an integrated world market for water can be created.

Distribution of water-as-collateral rights

Many members of the international community have access to and responsibility for large quantities of fresh water. In some cases these resources are yet to be drawn upon as a financial asset. AQUA INDEX can assist these fresh-water owners in collateralizing their resource.

AQUA-INDEX - turning water into a tradable commodity

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